About J-CODE

Objective of J-CODE

J-CODE seeks to develop sustainable cities utilizing Japanese technologies and knowledge

To respond to the rapidly growing demands for eco-friendly urban development projects in an integrated manner, by forming “Team Japan” comprised of various Japanese companies and taking a public-private sector approach joint approach from the initial stage of conceptual design and planning.

History October 2011 Establishment of Japan Conference on Overseas Development of Eco-Cities (J-CODE)
July 2014年 Decision to convert J-CODE into a general incorporated association
October 2014 Investment in Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN)

Structure of the organization

J-CODE is the Public-Private platform
for urban development

J-CODE members are Japanese companies with extensive experience in various sectors required for urban development, from planning and design, development and infrastructure,to construction and finance. J-CODE collaborates with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, JICA, JOIN, local governments, and other organizations and has established of a public-private platform. Urban Renaissance Agency, a statutory agency supporting urban and housing development in Japan serves as the Secretariat.

J-CODE platform


Greetings from the Chairman

The Japan Conference on Overseas Development of Eco-Cities (J-CODE) was established in 2011 to respond to demands for eco-friendly cities (ecocities) in emerging Asian countries. Since then, J-CODE has sought to resolve social issues overseas in long-term phases, from the conception and planning to the operation stages.
Starting from the outset of the 2020s, the need for the reduction of environmental impact and sustainable urban planning has further increased. J-CODE continues to work together with Japanese member companies from a wide range of industries and the government, as well as partners in each country, to address social issues and help develop eco-friendly sustainable cities matching the specific needs of the countries involved.

J-CODE Chairman
Chairman of the Board
and Representative Director of TOKYU CORPORATION

Nomoto Hirofumi